Early learning projects.

Students in early learning programs are most successful with projects that are either flat or pinch formed. Listed by difficulty my projects for this age category are: pinch formed projects such as angels, turkeys, animals or picture frames, plates and self portraits.    

Pinch formed project

Pinch formed projects are easily managed by younger students. You may choose any kind of animal or seasonal themed project. The most requested projects are: Angels, Santa, Christmas trees, turkeys, and animals. 

Slab built self portrait.

Flat projects such as picture frames, family plaques and self portraits are also fun for young students. The self portraits would be more suitable for grade two students but I have done them many times with grade one students if we have a few parent volunteers.

Hand Painted tiles

I am including hand painted tiles into the early learning category because it is possible for grade one students to do a very nice job. They would need time ahead of the program to draw a nice final copy of their picture and parent volunteers to help with the outline. Tile projects need to be booked two months in advance to allow time to ship the tiles.

Grade two three and four projects.

Students in this age category able to create more complicated forms. They can coil build pots and combine modeling with slab building. Dioramas are fun age appropriate project and they can be linked to almost any subject in the curriculum. 


Dioramas are one of my favorite projects. You can link them to almost any subject of the curriculum. They are also very sturdy and allow the students to be very creative with the free time that I give them at the end of the program. Some examples are: the age of the dinosaurs, a bugs life, nativity, inukshuks, the great wall of china, camping, the gold rush, native american villages, and under the sea. 

Pinch formed project.

Older students still love pinch forming animals. This is an example of a grade two students owl. If teachers do not want the student to paint the project I am willing to bring in two different colors of clay. The project can be left as it is after firing, sprayed with clear coat or painted with modge podge. A popular finishing technique is to paint the sculpture with clear sparkle paint.

Slab building with modeling

Grade two three and four students can model clay.  They are good at joining clay together and they enjoy painting Rainbow fish's scales all different colors. This project can also be adapted to almost any two dimensional image.

Grade four, five and six projects

Older students do a wonderful job glazing their clay projects. The glazing is optional and requires booking a second workshop.   

Pinch formed and modeled project

I teach all age categories including adults. This dragon is a challenging project for high school students.

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In-class workshops with clay cover  techniques such as: pinch forming, coil building, slab building, glazing and texture. I offer all of the classic projects as well as custom projects linked to the school curriculum.  You may also choose a second workshop in which the students glaze their work. The cost for most workshops is $10.47 plus G.S.T. ($11.00 including). All materials, tools, firing and delivery of the projects back to the school is generally included except for very small groups.  There is a minimum charge for under 22 students.

Grants are available from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Please contact me if you would like further information. If you would like to book a clay program please include your name, location,  name of your organization and the estimated number of participants. A phone number would also be appreciated.