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Debra Bryan is interdisciplinary artist and designer who integrates works of art into schools, businesses, and living spaces. These works of art include glass and tile mosaic and clay sculptures. She is available for private commissioned work, but also has extensive experience working in schools under the artist in education program.




Commission a one-of-a-kind work of art for your home, office, or public place. 


Tile Mosaic

Colourful pieces of smashed ceramic tile are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle to create a mosaic. 


Clay Programs

Clay programs are a fun way to explore class material or celebrate holidays and events.


Tile Mural

Each student paints a tile based on a theme or prompt which are then combined to form a mural.


Glass Mosaic

Use a glass mosaic to transform your space with prisms and coloured stained-glass pieces.


Stained Glass

Commission a genuine stained glass window to enhance your home or office space.

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